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Order by Size: Moroccan 'Marshmallow' Rug

Normaalihinta €760,00
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €760,00
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Marchmallow RUG

This rug can be ordered in custom sizes and 2 colors ( Pink, Orange), Berber women make it for you in Khemisset village in Moroccan Atlas Mountains.

  • Delivery time usually 7 weeks from order. Time may vary depending on traffic on manufacturing process or during shipping.
  • Please note that the rug is washed after it is finished. Due to first wash size may vary +-10cm per side.
  • The price includes manufacturing, washing, drying and shipping the rug. Custom fees may vary due to country. Please ask if you have any questions.
  • Each rug is handmade and unique, so there is always minor changes in design layout
  • This design rug is yours in any wished size! If you don't find your size ready or in a listing, please send us a message.

Enjoy by making this beauty a central piece to your home!


Order in any size you wish!


100% natural sheep wool


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