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Moroccan Tamgeroute Yellow Washbasin Sink 32 x 14 Cm

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Moroccan Green traditional Tamgroute clay, Tamegroute, meaning ‘last place before the desert is one of the oldest towns in Morocco and historically it is also the place where this highly collectible, hand-glazed green and ochre-colored pottery comes from.
Still a village today, Tamegroute is the home to seven Atelier families who each own one oven and their atelier. Creating pottery in a signature green shade the craftsmanship and skill are beautifully authentic to the region.
“Each piece of Tamegroute Pottery tells its own unique story. The variation of color, shape, and size is the original hallmarks of its crafter, making it a truly authentic piece that those who own it will cherish.”the raw material consists essentially of clay which remains a secret of color, Tamegroute pottery is the only Moroccan pottery to produce green enamel inherited from the tradition of Fez.
However, the green enamel of Tamegroute is characterized by its heterogeneous color.
The ceramic washbasin sink is an Authentic piece of tribal art, entirely handmade with pure materials and natural colors, traditional techniques, and Tools and it's decorated with some gold leaf,
this gives it a distinctive shape with the color mixed, royal green color and yellow,
If you looking for something unique, natural, and authentic, this is your destination, bring a piece of the real Morocco into your home at a reasonable price.

● 100% handmade 
● Compatible with any plumbing system in the world.
● Can be used indoors or outdoors frostproof


32 x 14 Cm / 12.5 x 5.5 Inches


Natural Clay, Gold leaf


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