My first trip to Morocco was in early 2017. Immediately the experience was mind blowing. The hospitality, the colours, the architecture, buzzle and landscapes were all so new and unique. This kind of reality I never knew existed.

In 2018 while I was doing interior for an event space I traveled to Morocco and ordered custom made mosaic tables. I got excited in a local village market and also bought car full of rugs from local berbers. Sellers were mainly old berber women with face tattoos. They didn’t care about the numbers in decimals, the color of the note was the language we both understood. The bank notes were passed to oneanother until we found a price we agreed on.

Corona changed life, closed restaurants, made me move back to Finland from Zanzibar and brought me to work in an office. Might sound crazy but I had thought about rugs for years. Through Instagram and Etsy online store I found Yassine and his great reviews. I contacted him and soon I had my first shipment of rugs, then second and third. The space got too small so I had to rent another room for the showroom. These days we have our rugs with Yassine in big studio space in Fes, Morocco and in my showroom in Helsinki, Finland.

Welcome to join the journey <3