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Moroccan Vintage Beni M'Guild Rug 410x200cm

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Shade of blue is a rare colour in old vintage berber rugs. The wool originally got the blue colour dye from a stone! So you have to rub the certain stone to transform it into paste or powder. The result is stunning!

The Beni M'Guild produced the most dense, heavy rugs due to the harsh climate. The pile is thick and the rugs often have tone-on-tone designs.

Beni M’Guild refers to group of tribes, which was originally part of an even larger confederation called Oumalou, meaning people of the shadow. Name came from their home: they once lived in the northern slopes of the high atlas, whose tall peaks create shadows across them. Eventually the Beni M’Guild moved to the western part of the Middle Atlas, to lands rich in summer pastures.


411 x 200cm / 162 x 77.5 inches


100% natural sheep wool


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